Model and Actor Mario Rodriguez Shares His Experience with Zeuss Weight Loss Treatment

15 April 2022

Achieving healthy weight loss isn’t easy for everyone, but Zeuss Weight Loss Treatment strives to change that. The prescription drug containing GLP1 works to curb hunger, reduce cravings, and assist users with losing weight healthily and efficiently. Model and actor Mario Rodriguez shares his recent experience using Zeuss to achieve his health and fitness goals.

“What I like most about Zeuss is that it helps me avoid my unhealthy eating habits. I’m the type of guy who would normally eat healthy for a few days, order a pizza, and then fall back into this bad habit of eating unhealthy foods all over again. When I use this treatment, I’ve noticed it cuts my hunger in half and helps me avoid junk food,” shares Rodriguez. “I feel like I have more time to make healthy decisions, so I’m not doing as much mindless eating anymore as I did in the past, and I have greater control over my cravings. I’ve also noticed that it isn’t just about losing weight. The product works well to help me maintain my body composition, so I’m losing unwanted body fat while still maintaining and growing muscle.”

The Difference Between Zeuss and Other Weight Loss Drugs and Dietary Supplements

Many of the products on the market geared towards those looking to lose weight and get healthy are stimulants, including those containing phentermine. These products aren’t safe to consume. The biggest downside is that they work by stimulating the central nervous system, which reduces appetite but causes numerous side effects, including cardiovascular disease and reduced sleep quality. Because of the risks, it’s only safe to use those products for a short time, and it’s easy to regain weight after stopping the medication. Research shows that most people gain weight after they’ve stopped taking phentermine products, but that isn’t the case with GLP1.

The Zeuss Weight Loss Treatment consists of GLP1, a medication approved by the FDA and initially made for people with diabetes. It works to replicate a hormone that typically sends signals to the brain to make you aware of when you’re hungry and need to eat. It successfully eliminates the sensation of wanting to eat when you don’t need to do so to prevent overeating and excessive calorie consumption. The appetite suppression supplement is good to use daily to achieve the best results. 

“GLP1 isn’t a stimulant, so it doesn’t cause the same side effects that you would typically see from some of the over-the-counter dietary supplements readily available to the public. With the Zeuss Weight Loss Treatment, people can experience sustainable weight loss. The safe and effective treatment eliminates the desire to eat when you’re not truly hungry, which helps stop cravings while making it easier to control hunger. You can lose weight, continue to grow muscle, and improve your health while taking the supplement. Because it puts a stop to mindless eating, it’s much easier to reduce your calorie intake and see significant progress with your health and fitness goals”

shared board-certified family medicine physician Dr. Laura Purdy.

Mario Rodriguez is one of many people who’ve experienced incredible results from the Zeuss Weight Loss Treatment. With a series of safe and effective products available for both women and men, Zeuss focuses on helping people become the best versions of themselves. If you’d like to hear more about Mario’s experience with the weight loss treatment, check out the full video!